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JGarrett “Mechanisms” launch teaser

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re_Click ‘Unleash the Kraken’ at Pub 340

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Drumcell and Project 313 - March 2014

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Vancouver, BC

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Jay Zoney & JGarrett – Live Snippet

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JGarrett’s Extrasolar is out now!

JGarrett’s latest EP Extrasolar is out now at Beatport, What People Play, Juno Download, TrackItDown, iTunes, and many other stores!

Previews and feedback can be found on the release page.

The EP features four original tracks of heavy, sic-fi Techno that have earned support from: Aaron Nesbit, Alex Einz, Andreas-Tek, Angel Molina, The Automatic Message, benoit/tsugi, BLACKsmith, Blank Code, Bobby Dowell, Brendon Moeller, Bruno Ledesma, Bryan Zentz, Chris Page, Dance Floor Mayhem, Daniel Yanov, Noprofit, Dave Ellesmere, DJ Gr:uwe, DJ Manos, Dr Hoffmann, Drumcell, Dubit, Electrorites, Eomac, Evan Toutz, Flug, Forest People, Frank Savio, Fury Division, Gary Beck, Ged Lever, Gruener Starr, Ixel, JAK, Jan Underwood, John Massey, Justin Schumacher, Kelvin On, Ketch, Let’s Go Outside, Loso, Mattias Fridell, Michael Tyralla, Milkplant, Miss Innocent, The Noise Gate, Orde Meikle (Slam), Paul Nazca, Pedro Delgardo, Rennie Foster, Revy, Robin Banks, Ryuji Takeuchi, Samuli Kemppi, Sean Deason, Sone, Speedy J, Tomas Jirku, Tommy Four Seven, Trysh Alexander, Uun, Van Czar, Vegim, W Daniels, XHEI

Select feedback:

Alex Einz – Ten Hour Horizon is very good work

Brendon Moeller – J in top form here. extrasolar and ten hour horizon are spectacular

Bryan Zentz – really nice. extrasolar for the pounder, ten hour horizon for the headybizness. thanks!

Tommy Four Seven – Feeling Extrasolar, thanks

Angel Molina – “nice timeless techno tracks, ‘Ten Hour Horizon’ does for me at 1st listening, very into this mental stuff. thanks.”

Drumcell – ten hour is bad ass

Gary Beck – hey guys nice one on the fuel core track!