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re_Click ‘Unleash the Kraken’ at Pub 340

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Jay Zoney & JGarrett – Live Snippet

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JGarrett – Fuel Core Recovery (Sean Deason Remix)

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Tomas Jirku – The Perpetual Mind

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Groundwerk Vancouver

Big thanks to Groundwerk Vancouver to inviting Subspec’s Josh Garrett to address the folks gathered there yesterday. My Cup of Tech did a nice write up on Groundwerk. If you’re in Vancouver we highly recommend checking it out. What Groundwork is looking to do in Vancouver is awesome and absolutely an effort Subspace supports wholeheartedly. Josh spoke for about 10 minutes on the topic of success and creativity including strategies for dealing with the intersection of these things and ideas around success and credibility. After that we had a listening session featuring about 20 tracks from local artists which was also a general hangout. Lots of great folks made it down and it was great to see both new and familiar faces as well as reconnecting with some people we don’t see all that often.


JGarrett speaking at Groundwerk #003.

Playing catch up

2015 so far has been pretty incredible. We’ve released five very well received digital releases and our second vinyl release in collaboration with Rennie Foster’s RF Music. In May we hosted shows with Annie Hall and Erika and also brought up Sone and JAK from Seattle and Portland. Movement was a blast and we’re continuing to plan some great stuff now that we’re back in the swing of things.

Look for Woody McBride’s ‘All Night’ EP with a killer remix from Casey Borchért coming in July, followed by a release from The Automatic Message along with remixes from Drumcell and John Massey and an EP from Rustal featuring a remix from Rennie Foster. Exciting times ahead!


May 9th – Annie Hall in Vancouver

Subversive, Subspec, and The Fox Cabaret are proud to present an Official Movement Electronic Music Festival pre-party featuring Detroit Underground and Blank Code artist ANNIE HALL.

DJ and producer Annie Hall has been steadily carving a name for herself as an artist who delivers diverse, solid sets and music. Born and raised in Spain, Annie started her life as a DJ in 2003 and began producing in 2005. She has released on labels such as Blank Code, Flash Recordings, Semantica Records, Minnuendo, D1 Recordings and Detroit Underground Recordings. With an eclectic taste in music, Annie creates music across the electronic spectrum, from tracks that are experimental – taking the listener on a more complex journey – to tracks that drive the dance floor.

Annie now calls the motor city’s “southside” (Windsor, Ontario) home, and has become an integral part of the Detroit music community. Her DJ sets draw inspiration from the complex landscapes of ruin and hope that characterize the Motor City. Tinged with darkness but with a strong Detroit Techno / high tech soul feeling and a dynamic vibe.

Annie’s skills have been showcased at Sonar Festival, Detroit Movement Festival and Dommune in Tokyo, among others.

Subspec’s JGarrett will be supporting along with Nancy Dru of Subversive.

This is going to be a crazy night of awesome music!

So long 2014!

So we bid adieu to 2014 and what a year!

February saw the release of Subspec’s very first vinyl 12”, featuring Hardfloor’s stellar remix of Jay Zoney’s ‘The Meltdown’ on the A-side with B-side support from Symplx ‘Back To Dat’ and Countered ‘Telegraph.’ The record came out to quite a bit of coverage and support from some serious heavy hitters in the Techno world. This year the rest of the release line up continued to be tighter than ever with a total of nine digital releases from Vancouver locals Jay Zoney, Tomas Jirku as well as Portland’s JAK & Seqwenzer, and Cysxe who joins us from somewhere outside our solar system (or possibly Belgium) as well as my own JGarrett and Countered projects.

Subspec continued on its mission of delivering quality tracks from across the spectrum of Techno, from Acid to Dub and even left field work like Tomas Jirku’s “The Perpetual Mind” EP which pays tribute to Vancouver Industrial heavyweights Skinny Puppy.

In 2014 we had some phenomenal remixes come in from Brendon Moeller, Sean Deason, James Kelley, Uun, LilRoj, and Thegn, who brought awesome, new perspectives to the originals. We’re incredibly honored to be able to release the music we get from artists who hit us up and the remixers who lend their talents to put their spin on our artists’ material.

A huge thanks to the many artists who have spun and charted Subspec releases this year, we’re humbled to see so many artists that we really respect and admire sharing enthusiasm and kind words for what we’re doing.

On the event front we kept things a little quieter this year than the previous couple of years, but we hosted two Movement pre-parties in Vancouver in March and May with Drumcell, Project 313, and Raíz. All the acts blew the roof off of the venues. Big thanks to the headliners who killed it at those shows as well as DJ Noah (in a versus set with JGarrett) and Sleepwalker who helped hold down the opening slots. In October we threw a more intimate event with Minneapolis Techno duo Complicit, who shook Pub 340 to the rafters. On Halloween we collaborated with Body Politic to throw ‘It Came from the Underground: Techno Terror’ which was a ton of fun… most of the acts on the bill were doing double-duty as DJs and Live PA that night, which kind of kept everyone on their toes.

In May Jay Zoney and I played a special one-off back-to-back Live PA set at The Works in Detroit at Droid and Blank Code’s Interface/Scene official Movement after party… following Kyle Geiger and Dustin Zahn. To be booked that bill along with Regis, Cell Injection, Project 313, John Templeton, Pinion, Joel Morgan and other great artists was incredible. It was a magical moment in a weekend of incredible music. Movement always feels like a family reunion and the love we felt that weekend was second to none.

In 2014, Jay Zoney, Subspec’s Events Manager, launched his new imprint Eternal Drive Recordings. He has already put out several really strong EPs featuring great original material and strong remixes. I highly recommend checking it out… including my own ’Monochrome Pusher’ EP with remixes from Luis Flores and Jay. The Luis Flores remix is hot enough to warp steel.

2015 is shaping up to another strong year for Subspec. In March we’ll be releasing our second vinyl release via a split 12” with Rennie Foster’s RFMusic label along with a great EP from Italy’s Bosh featuring remixes from Brendon Moeller, DJ ESP/Woody McBride and JGarrett. New releases from John Massey and Todd Normandy are also in the works. Look for these and other releases and news from Subspec in the coming months.

Thanks to the international and local Techno communities for the support and helping provide the fuel to keep the fire burning.

There are so many crews and individuals to call out and thank that I’d be sitting here for a week. Know that you’re in our thoughts and we’re sending good vibes for 2015.

Here’s to some solid Peace, Love, Techno, and House in 2015!

Josh Garrett
Subspec Music